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Silicate Based Curing Compound

Non-membrane forming, silicate based curing compound makes it simple to apply future coatings.

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City Cure – WW

white pigmented wax concrete curing compound

High solids, water-based, white-pigmented wax concrete curing compound.

Contains a highly reflective white pigment to reflect sunlight and keep concrete cool.

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Clear-Cure DH 100

Clear, Single-Component, Dissipating Hydrocarbon Horizontal Concrete Curing Compound

Meets ASTM C 309 and removes easily for future coatings.

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DOT Road Cure – WW

White Pigmented Concrete Curing Compound, State DOT Compliant

White wax type concrete cure won’t clog sprayers on interstate, highway, street or curb work.

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Res-Cure DH 100

Dissipating Hydrocarbon Resin-Type Curing Compound

Meets ASTM C 309 and is easily removed for future coatings.

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Res-Cure DS

Dissipating Styrene Curing Compound

This curing compound meets ASTM C 309 and is compatible with Silcoseal Cure & Bondbreakers.

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