Water Repellants

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Stifel 40

Solvent-based, Transparent, Breathable Silane Sealer

Penetrates deep and chemically reacts with concrete to create a long-lasting water-repellent surface.

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Stifel GC

Silane Sealer for Horizontal or Vertical Concrete

This silane sealer for vertical and horizontal concrete is an economical option for preventing water-absorption on concrete surfaces.

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Stifel SC

Silane Sealer for Horizontal Concrete

Enjoy maximum protection against water-absorption and damage with this silane sealer for horizontal concrete.

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Stifel VC

Silane Sealer For Vertical Concrete

Silane sealer for vertical concrete formulated for maximum performance on concrete surfaces.

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Solvent-Based Acrylic Polymer and Silane Type Membrane Cure, Water-Repellent and Sealer

Penetrates deep to cure, seal and protect exterior, horizontal, decorative concrete surfaces.

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Weather-Sil & Weather-Sil Extreme

silane sealers, water repellant sealers

Penetrating silane sealers for concrete driveways and garage floors. Prevents absorption of water and chloride ion-containing deicing salts.

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