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Rust Remover and Concrete Buildup Remover

Rust remover for steel forms prevents flash rusting.

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Ready to use without dilution or mixing, Kem-Ex-It Plus rust remover is an ideal product for getting rid of rust lingering on steel forms, avoiding damage caused by sandblasters and other harsh cleaning methods. Through a chemical reaction, Kem-Ex-It Plus breaks down and softens rust buildup until it is ready for easy removal by a power washer. After removal, steel surfaces are left with a protective barrier that temporarily guards against flash rusting.

Kem-Ex-It Plus also removes concrete and mortar buildup on forms, equipment and tools. Additionally, Kem-Ex-It Plus contains a powerful detergent that cuts through form oil residue on steel and aluminum surfaces. Finally, all residue easily washes away with water.

When applied using Nox-Crete’s Pump Foamer, Kem-Ex-It Plus produces a thick foam that clings to vertical and overhead surfaces for exceptional effectiveness. Use with Neutralizer to eliminate flash rusting caused by chlorinated water during the rinse cycle.


• On steel forms to remove rust and also to protect cleaned surfaces from flash rusting

• To quickly remove hardended concrete buildup on steel and aluminum forms

• On scaffolding, screw jacks, post shores, screeds, pumps and mixers to remove concrete buildup

• To remove mortar splashings and also lime water deposits on concrete and masonry

• Removing rust stains on concrete

Advantages of this Rust Remover

• Fast acting effervescent action quickly dissolves salt as well as lime deposits and hardened concrete buildup in minutes

• Removes rust scale from steel and forms a protective barrier to prevent flash rust

• Rich thick foam (when applied with Nox-Crete's Pump Foamer) clings to vertical and overhead surfaces

• Ready to use and concentrated formulations available

• Removes rust from steel form surfaces and concrete surfaces

• Effectively removes concrete buildup on steel form surfaces

• Easily wash residue away with water

• Safe on paint, rubber, plastic or glass

• Ready-to-use formula requires no diluting or mixing

• Odor free

• Meets all federal and state VOC requirements

A $50 HazMat fee applies to orders of this product to cover hazardous freight costs.