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Compressed air tank allows for 10 gallons of continuous liquid spraying.

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For our newest version of precast sprayer, please see the Perfect Precast Sprayer on the Perfect Sprayer webpage.

The Ultimate Cart Form Sprayer, Nox-Crete's concrete form sprayer cart offers continuous, high-pressure application of Nox-Crete's form release agents. The 10-gallon air tank, capable of 150 PSI, makes it easy to maintain consistent spray pressure in order to achieve uniform product application.

Push the ultimate sprayer by hand or move it by crane making it ideal for precast plant applications.
Features of this Concrete Form Sprayer Cart:

• Easily removable, 5.0 gallon (19 L), heavy duty, stainless steel product tank
• 3.0 gallon (10 L) usable product capacity
• Pressurizes up to a maximum 130 psi (8.9 bar)
• Padded shoulder strap in order to provide comfortable carrying
• 10 gallon (38 L) fixed compressed air tank
• Heavy duty, powder coated, steel frame
• 50/100 ft (15/30 m) chemically resistant hose
• Heavy duty solid rubber tires
• Air tank pressurizes to a maximum 150 psi (10 bar)
• All Viton and Teflon seals and gaskets
• Tapered brass no-leak fittings
• 40 or 60 PSI CF Valve included
• Wide mouth tank opening in order to offer easy filling and cleaning
• Shut-off on hose for easy cleaning, filter maintenance and also spill protection

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