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Acrylic Polymer Modified, Portland Cement Based Repair Mortar

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Feather Patch is a portland cement based repair mortar that incorporates a dry acrylic polymer, special graded aggregates as well as a special blend of admixtures. Use Feather Patch for patching and restoring concrete floors, walls, precast members and tilt wall panels with shallow defects and spalls less than 1/2 inch in depth. Feather Patch creates a strong bond to concrete surfaces as well as masonry, achieving maximum strength and substrate adhesion.

  • Patch and restore surface defects in concrete floors, walls, precast and tilt-up panels, and also masonry and stucco
  • Fill static cracks, spalls, bug holes and shallow honeycombs
  • Resurface freeze-thaw related scaling damage on driveways, walkways, median barriers, bridge spandrels, and also curbs
  • Use in precast applications in order to patch air voids and other minor surface defects
Advantages of this Portland Cement Based Repair Mortar
  • Exceptional bond to concrete and masonry
  • Feather edge is achievable
  • Easy-to-use single component formulation
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw scaling
  • Color blended to match concrete
  • Resistant to water and deicing salts
  • Long working life (over 1 hour)
  • Self-curing in most applications
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