Aluminum Form Seasoning Compounds

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Seasoning Compound for Extruded Aluminum Forms

Water-based, ready-to-use and fast drying formulation reduces chemical bonding between extruded aluminum and fresh concrete.

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Designed specifically as a seasoning compound for extruded aluminum forms, Seasonox EXT is an ideal alternative to the traditionally ineffective powder-coating process. Water-based and ready-to-use, Seasonox EXT forms a chemical reaction on the surface of new extruded aluminum forms that reduces the chemical bonding (sticking) that can take place between extruded aluminum and fresh concrete.

For cold-rolled aluminum, use original Seasonox.

Advantages of this Seasoning Compound for Extruded Aluminum Forms

• Superior alternative to the traditional and marginally effective powder coating process

• Use in conjunction with Nox-Crete Form Clean for three pours and Alumi-Nox or Alumi-Con diluted 6:1 for every pour after to see aluminum forms strip clean and free of concrete buildup

• Water based; Meets all federal as well as state VOC requirements

• Ready-to-use, odorless, and fast-drying seasoning compound

• High viscosity ensures uniform conditioning when used in vertical or horizontal applications on both smooth surfaces.

• Odorless

• Ready to use

• Fast drying

Do not use Seasonox EXT in temperatures below 50 degrees F. Do not use on aluminum forms that are not clean and free of concrete buildup, coatings, form oils or other foreign materials. In fact, these can all interfere with the normal reaction process. Protect Seasonox EXT from freezing in order to prevent the container from rupturing as well as poor product performance. Finally, use the product by the "USE BY" date stated on the packaging.