Nox-Crete is pleased to announce that Deco-Strip was selected as the winner of the Most Innovative Product Experts' Choice for Decorative Concrete at the 2013 World of Concrete.

The MIP Awards are judged by three different industry groups. Attendees from WOC cast ballots at the before, during and after the show based on products they find innovative to concrete construction. There is also a a group of Hanley Wood editors who review the products and select a winner. And finally, a panel of industry experts review and select products they think are worthy of an MIP Award. This year, Deco-Strip won the Experts' Choice in the 'Decorative Concrete Materials and Equipment' category.

During application of Deco-StripWhy is Deco-Strip innovative?
Deco-Strip is a stripper specifically designed for fast removal of decorative acrylic sealers showing signs of wear, age and/or blistering.

Unlike traditional coating strippers, Deco-Strip is biodegradable and doesn't require scrubbing or scraping. Without harmful waste to clean up or extra elbow grease to remove the coating, Deco-Strip does the hard work for you and makes removing aging sealers quick and easy.

How does Deco-Strip work?
Deco-Strip is sprayed or rolled onto stamped or textured concrete where it quickly softens and lifts worn out acrylic sealers. The acrylic sealer is then easily removed with a pressure washer or garden hose equipped with a spray nozzle, restoring concrete back to its original unsealed condition. The concrete surface is then ready for a fresh coat of high-quality, breathable, decorative sealer, such as Nox-Crete's Sparkl-Seal.