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Forming Segment Manger Destry Kenning on Choosing the Right Release Agent in Concrete Facts Magazine!

In part 2 of his 4-part series, Destry covers how to achieve the best results from your formwork by choosing the right release agent. It goes way beyond which standalone product is best. How, when and on what you apply it are all things to consider in choosing the best product for the job. Read "Matching Form Release Agents to Application Methods" in the Fall 2018 issue of Concrete Facts magazine!

Read the full article here!

Check out Destry's latest article right away and also have a look at Alumi-Nox R to reduce build-up and improve appearance! Then, to see what Nox-Crete can do to help you achieve smooth forms, contact Destry at or 402-504-9232.

Forming Manager Destry Kenning Discusses the Reactivity of Aluminum Forms in Concrete Facts Magazine!

In this article, Destry Kenning discusses methods for seasoning aluminum forms as a solution to dealing with the reactivity between aluminum and concrete. Proper preparations are crucial in order to prevent buildup and achieve smoother surfaces. Read "Dealing with the Reactivity of Aluminum Forms and Concrete" in the Summer 2018 edition of Concrete Facts magazine!

Read the full article here!

Check out Destry's informative article straightaway! If you'd like to see what Nox-Crete can do to help you achieve smooth forms, then contact Destry. You can reach him at or 402-504-9232.




Aluminum Forms and Concrete: A Chemical Reaction

For more information, look for Destry Kenning's article, "Dealing with the Reactivity of Aluminum Forms and Concrete" in the Summer 2018 edition of Concrete Facts magazine. It's part 1 of a 4-part series so stay tuned for more!

Are you seeing veins or worm-like trails on your concrete panels? There's a reason for that. The elemental aluminum present in the aluminum forms is very reactive with the cementitious materials in concrete. Chemical reactions are much stronger than physical reactions and the results are concrete buildup. Additionally, hydrogen gas creates bubbles on the concrete surfaces. As these bubbles migrate upward, they leave these unsightly trails on your panels.

There are ways to prevent these problems. You can try a resinous coating on the aluminum form surface, but there are pros and cons to a heavy coating and a thin coating. Another option is to react the aluminum with something in advance to prevent or minimize further reaction when it comes into contact with the concrete. This process is known as "seasoning". Read the article to see what Kenning has to say about various seasoning methods!

Problem Solved: Rust on Steel Forms

rust on steel forms

It’s nearly April and if we can trust the old saying, we can assume April showers are on their way. What’s good for May flowers isn’t as good for steel forms. Steel forms are strong, reusable and can produce smooth, attractive concrete surfaces. But for all of their positive qualities, steel forms are not without their vices. Rust on steel forms is one of the primary problems. Rust is a chemical reaction that occurs when iron combines with oxygen and moisture. Water will increase the rusting process as will heat. Concrete produces heat as it hydrates, effectively creating an ideal environment for rust development.

Rusted forms produce stained, discolored concrete surfaces – an undesirable result. To avoid this, the forms need to be free from rust before the pour. So, how is existing rust removed from a steel form? Sanding is one method but needs to be done gently and with caution. Electric sanders and grinders can actually damage the surface of the forms and make rust more likely. Harsh chemicals can also lead to further problems, not to mention how they affect the safety and health of your workers.

Rust on forms is a problem and can be difficult to remove and prevent. But not to worry because Nox-Crete has the solutions.

Removing Existing Rust on Steel Forms

For existing rust on steel forms, our chemically active solution, Kem-Ex-It Plus won’t disappoint. This ready-to-use product breaks down and softens rust build up on your forms so that you can easily spray it away with a pressure washer. It not only removes rust scale from your steel forms, but also creates a protective barrier to prevent flash rust. Apply Kem-Ex-It Plus with the Nox-Crete Pump Foamer to create a thick foam that will cling to vertical and overhead surfaces, too. You can also use it to remove rust stains, salt deposits, and mortar splashings and lime water deposits from concrete and masonry surfaces. Plus, it’s effective in removing concrete buildup on steel and aluminum forms.

rusted steel

Before Kem-Ex-It Plus application.

removing rust buildup

Apply Kem-Ex-It Plus with a pump foamer for a rich foam.

effective rust removal

Kem-Ex-It Plus offers effective rust removal.

Preventing Rust on Steel Forms

Once you’ve removed existing rust with Kem-Ex-It Plus, you’ll want to prevent future rust formation. For this, we recommend Formgard TJ Plus. This is a high performance rust inhibitor that chemically reacts instantly with surface moisture to form a waxy, protective coating that welds to the form surface both chemically and physically. It produces a highly water-resistant, polymerized film that provides rust protection from the corrosive effects of rain and salt water mist for up to six months of exposure to exterior conditions.

Use Formgard TJ Plus to prevent rust on:

  • Steel utility molds
  • Pre-stressed single and double tee beam forms
  • Bridge girder forms
  • Steel tunnel forms
  • Steel waffle slab and dome pan forms

prevent rust formation

A portion of this bridge girder was treated with Formgard TJ Plus to prevent rust formation.

Just as Kem-Ex-It Plus has more than one use, Formgard TJ Plus does as well. This product doubles as a high performance precast concrete form release agent on molded fiberglass column forms, pan forms, waffle slab and dome forms. In precast applications, steel forms treated with Formgard TJ can be used immediately without removing applied product. The protective film won’t attract or hold dust.

Formgard TJ Plus is easy to apply with a hand pump sprayer, roller or brush and dries in approximately 30 minutes.

Clean up your rusted forms with Kem-Ex-It Plus and stay ahead of rust formation with Formgard TJ Plus

World of Concrete 2018

We've been attending World of Concrete for over 4 decades now and it just keeps getting better every year.  We look forward to meeting new people, seeing long-time friends face-to-face, and telling everyone about our full line of products.  We were busy this year with representation in three different locations.

At our main booth, our organic concrete build-up and splatter remover Blast-Off was a big attraction. We had a great time talking about the benefits of this safe-on-all-surfaces product and demonstrating its effectiveness through display and video.

New Products Showcase

Adjacent to our main booth was our New Product Showcase where attendees could learn all about what's new in our assortment. The following products were featured for each category:










New Product Showcase

We loved having this dedicated space for giving our new products their own spotlight at the show.

Nox-Crete at Concrete Decor Live!

Outside the Las Vegas Convention Center - in addition to seeing our ads on the benches - tradeshow attendees could see our products in action at Concrete Decor Live! Nox-Crete colors and textures from the Duro-Color Floor System were used to create a Las Vegas / Harley-Davidson logo in the orange building's "biker bar".

Throughout the week, visitors to the exhibit enjoyed a live demonstration of densifiers, dyes, surface retarders, and sealers. Concrete Decor provided an educational and inspiring experience for all and we were proud to be a part of it.

To everyone who stopped by, thanks for coming to see us. We look forward to seeing you all again for World of Concrete 2019.