Form Meets Function

Nox-Crete has taken cast-in-place concrete forming to a new level. Contractors are enthusiastic about our entire line of high-performance form release agents. We have chemically-active form release agents that can handle the most aggressive concrete mix designs. We use ingredients that meet most federal, state and local VOC requirements to keep your team safe. No strong odor, no hazardous recycled oils.

Whether your project calls for a biodegradable architectural form release agent or a more general, economical release agent, Nox-Crete has you covered. With Nox-Crete’s family of maximum performance form release agents, you can:

  • Produce better-looking uniformly white colored concrete with fewer air voids (bugholes) and other surface defects.
  • Extend the life of your HDO, MDO, aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic, fiberglass or foam forms.
  • Reduce form stripping costs and related damage.
  • Use less… save more!

There is a reason that ALL North American plywood form manufacturers recommend Nox-Crete.¬†And you’ll appreciate the industry’s lowest cost per application when applied correctly. See our Forming Market Segment brochure below.

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24″ Spiked Roller

Spiked Roller available with Frame or with Frame and Handle. Select options below.

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Concentrated Aluminum Form Release Agent

This aluminum concrete form release agent is concentrated with a variable dilution rate (as high as 1:6) to maximize product performance and your cost savings.

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Alumi-Nox R

Aluminum Form Release Agent

Ready-to-use, aluminum forming release agent reduces spalling, bugholes and surface voids. For new seasoned or previously used aluminum forms.

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Architectural Form Release Agent

100% biodegradable form release agent free of conventional form oil, diesel oil or kerosene.

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Blast-Off Concrete Buildup and Splatter Remover

This product is non-corrosive and non-hazardous according to OSHA and federal DOT standards. It is safe to use for concrete removal on all surfaces.

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General Form Release Agent

Economical, ready-to-use form release agent for use on most form surfaces.

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Clear Pre-Form

wood form sealer

Transparent Polyurethane Wood Form Sealer

Wood form sealer that produces consistently smooth concrete with uniform color and without wood grain telegraphing.

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Maintenance Coating and Cleaning Compound

Softens existing buildup and prevents the adhesion of fresh concrete on equipment.

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Dry-Cast Release

Dry-Cast Concrete Release Agent

Chemically active and physical barrier type, inherently biodegradable, concrete form release agent designed for use with dry-cast concrete.

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Edge-Flex 645

edge sealer with form release agent

Wood Edge Sealer Reduces Alkaline Water Absorption

Maximum performance edge sealer with form release agent.

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Foam Release

Water-based EPS Foam Form Release Agent

Specifically designed for use on Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam forms and form liners.

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Form Clean

Dual Purpose Form Cleaner and Form Release Agent

Maintenance coating that minimizes fresh concrete hardening and softens existing buildup on forms.

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Four-Act – 5 Gallon Pail

Multipurpose Form Cleaner Doubles as Release Agent and More

Highly chemically reactive multipurpose form cleaner is also a release agent, buildup and splatter remover, and seasoning compound.

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Kem-Ex-It Plus

Rust Remover and Concrete Buildup Remover

Rust remover for steel forms prevents flash rusting.

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Mix Station

venturi mixing device

Venturi Mixing and Dilution Device

Ideal for Nox-Crete’s super-concentrated form release agents.

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