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Bio-Clean Plus

Citrus-based concrete stripper with citrus and pine scent

Concentrated and biodegradable concrete stripper. Complies with Consumer Products VOC regulations when diluted 2:1.

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Brick Release

Clay Fired Brick Form Release Agent

Prevents the adhesion of concrete mortar to treated brick surfaces.

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Clean Line Reveal

Standard and custom extruded high density PVC reveal for the tilt-up and precast markets.

Standard and custom extruded high density PVC reveal for creating design details in tilt-up and precast structures like never before.

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Construction Grout

economical portland cement based construction grout

Shrinkage Controlled, Multi-Purpose, High Strength, Economical Grout

Economical construction grout complies with ASTM C1107 grade C for hydraulic cement grout; complies with CRD-C621.

***Note: For pricing please contact Nox-Crete’s customer service team at: customerservice@nox-crete.com or 402.341.2080.

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Dynaflex JF-85

industrial concrete joint filler

100% Solids, Polyurea Semi-Rigid Industrial Concrete Joint Filler

Fast-setting industrial concrete joint filler with convenient, flexible shave window of 2-24 hours.

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Ideal Form & Concrete Sprayer

sprayer for forms and concrete

Economical Hand Pump Sprayer for Forms and Concrete

Polypropylene tank with shoulder carrying strap is ideal for general spray applications.

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front view of Joint Shield

Temporary Joint Filler for Concrete Slabs

***Sold only in 8ft. (2.4m) Strips with 100 Strips per box.


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Surface Water Evaporation Reducer

This moisture evaporation reducer creates a monomolecular layer that reduces concrete surface moisture evaporation up to 80% in wind and 40% in sunlight.

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Water Repellent Concrete Sealer and Stain for Exterior Vertical Surfaces

Breathable, pigmented, long-lasting alternative to high-build, textured coatings.

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Panel Patch

Concrete Resurfacing and Finishing Compound

Portland cement resurfacing and finishing compound ideal for tilt-up wall panel repairs. This patching compound dries in as little as 15 minutes.

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Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer

form and concrete sprayer

116 psi Hand Pump Sprayer

Commercial-grade sprayer can be pressurized by hand or compressed air.

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Perfect Power Sprayer

Battery-driven power sprayer

The most advanced battery-driven power sprayer currently available specifically designed for spraying Nox-Crete products in harsh conditions the construction industry is known for.

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Precision Grout

shrinkage compensated construction grout

Shrinkage Compensated Construction Grout

Compensates for shrinkage and allows controlled expansion with maximum strength.

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Silcoseal 2000F

Fast-Drying, Water-Based Tilt-Up Concrete Cure and Bondbreaker

Chemically active cure and bondbreaker for tilt-up, lift slab and precast construction. Federally VOC compliant and meets moisture retention requirements of ASTM C309.

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Silcoseal 77

Solvent-Based Tilt-Up Cure and Bondbreaker

Meets the modified moisture retention properties of ASTM C309 when applied to a steel-troweled surface. Please call Nox-Crete at 402-341-2080 for purchasing information.

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Silcoseal Advantage

Water-based bondbreaker and tilt-up cure also for lift slab and precast construction.

Meets the modified moisture retention properties of ASTM C309 when applied to a steel-troweled surface.

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