Top Ten Tips: Sparkl-Seal

Sparkl-Seal is Nox-Crete’s top performing decorative sealer and uses the highest quality methyl methacrylate acrylics and most effective solvents to beautify and protect concrete surfaces. Follow these Top 10 Tips - compiled from frequently asked questions and real customer applications - to get the most from your Sparkl-Seal application.

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Bishop’s Hands-On Approach to Precast

When Gage Brothers Concrete Plant Manager, Jim Miller, saw Nox-Crete literature about how the right products can enhance the surface finish of precast concrete, he reached out to Nox-Crete’s Precast Division Manager Jeff Bishop for tips on reducing the appearance of bugholes.

Not content to offer advice over the phone, Bishop traveled to the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, plant, where he viewed the mix design and production practices to determine the best option to enhance the location’s output.

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