Sparkl-Seal is Nox-Crete’s top performing decorative sealer and uses the highest quality methyl methacrylate acrylics and most effective solvents to beautify and protect concrete surfaces. Follow these Top 10 Tips - compiled from frequently asked questions and real customer applications - to get the most from your Sparkl-Seal application.

1. Prepare your surface. 
Applying top-quality Sparkl-Seal over a faded,cloudy or delaminated sealer will decrease the longevityand performance of Sparkl-Seal. Any contaminants remaining on the surface could impede the sealer’s adhesion and performance. First, if there’s an old, worn-out sealer on the surface, remove it with Deco-Strip. Next, sweep or pressure wash the decorative surface to remove dust and debris. To remove oil, grease, embedded dirt, curing compounds and paint residue,clean the surface with Nox-Crete’s Bio-Clean.

2. Allow ample drying time before application.
If the surface was wet with water or recently cleaned, give the slab at least 48 hours to dry before applying Sparkl-Seal. This allows solvents to fully cure out and moisture to evaporate from the surface. Delamination, blistering or a cloudy surface appearance may occur if Sparkl-Seal is applied on top of a saturated concrete slab.

3. Make sure the conditions are right.
Do not apply Sparkl-Seal to concrete if substrate temperatures are below 40° F (4° C) or above 85° F (29° C). Best results are obtained when Sparkl-Seal is applied during the morning or evening hours and not in direct sunlight. Application of Sparkl-Seal in direct sunlight and under extreme hot conditions can result in solvent bubbling or blistering.

4. Don’t skip the site test.
Before applying Sparkl-Seal, do an adequate site test in order to verify the product can be successfully applied to achieve the desired appearance and performance. Before broad project application, apply Sparkl-Seal to a 12 x 12 inch area to determine the appropriate application rate and time required to properly seal the surface.

5. Two thin coats are better than one heavy coat.
Before applying, it’s important to know the proper coverage rates. If applied too heavily, Sparkl-Seal can trap excessive moisture vapor under the surface – resulting in delamination or white, cloudy appearance. To avoid over application, cut the coverage rate in half and apply two coats that result in the total coverage rate. When curing, or for a semi-gloss finish apply Sparkl-Seal at 250 sf/gal. For high-gloss decorative sealing, the approximate rate is 300 sf/gal.

If a total combined application rate of 300 sf/gal is desired,try applying two coats at 600 sf/gal each to avoid over application. It’s difficult to remedy any mistakes once a sealer hits the surface, so it’s better to play it safe.

6. Use the right equipment.
Best results are obtained by spray applying then back rolling Sparkl-Seal to achieve a uniform surface appearance. To spray, use a low-pressure handpump sprayer equipped with a 8006 LP spray nozzle. When back rolling, use a roller applicator equipped with a 3/8 inch (10mm) nap cover. Be sure to clean any application equipment with xylene or Aromatic 100 before applying Sparkl-Seal.

When applying Sparkl-Seal LVOC, contact Nox-Crete customer service for spray equipment recommendations.

7. Create a plan – and stick to it.
Mark off the total area to be coated in small, easy to calculate areas to ensure consistent application rates across the entire surface.

8. Properly apply subsequent coats.
If a higher gloss or second coat is desired, allow the first application 2-4 hours to fully cure before applying a second coat. Apply all subsequent coats at right angles to the first application. Remember - multiple, thin coats provide better performance and results than a single, heavy coat.

9. Use a non-slip additive.
Nox-Crete offers an aluminum oxide additive that can be broadcast into the final coating surface when it’s still wet, then back-rolled in to form a uniform appearance. This process fully locks the aluminum oxide into the surface and increases Sparkl-Seal’s slip resistance.

10. Patience is key.
Sparkl-Seal’s high-quality solvents need time to work their magic. It’s important to not immediately replace furniture, rugs or other items once the sealer initially dries. The solvents still have to make their way back out of the slab through the sealer, which can soften it again if the solvents are not allowed to move freely through the sealer. If you move too quickly, the sealer may not perform as well and may begin to peel from the surface.