Nox-Crete Pro: Leone Concrete Corp.

In the second edition of Nox-Crete Pros, Nox-Crete Products Group highlights Eric Leone and Leone Concrete Corp.'s quest for top quality builds through the use of top quality concrete construction products.
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The Proof is in the Pudding

Eric Leone, Owner Leone Concrete Corp. *Photo courtesy of Eric and Harmony Leone

Eric Leone, Owner Leone Concrete Corp. *Photo courtesy of Eric and Harmony Leone

That old saying, “the proof is in the pudding” really held true recently for Eric Leone, owner of Leone Concrete Corp. of Newport, Maine.

When he called his A.H. Harris account manager, Alan Gould, and asked for an order of form release agent, Alan was getting ready to head to Eric’s project site—a new wood chip plant—to confirm that a form order arrived in full. Alan was driving there with Rob Wagner, Nox-Crete Product Group’s Northeast Division Manager, who was planning to demo a form sprayer for Eric.

Eric didn’t ask for a specific brand of form release, so, at Rob Wagner’s recommendation, Alan brought a drum of Nox-Crete’s Chembeton.

Because Eric isn’t convinced of a product’s quality until he sees it for himself, he decided to do a quick comparison test. He still had some of the form release he and his crew had been using, so he used the existing release agent—not a Nox-Crete product—on one wall, then tried Chembeton on two walls.

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Nox-Crete Pro: A.H. Harris

In this first edition of Nox-Crete Pros, Nox-Crete Products Group puts the spotlight on A.H. Harris and its willingness and excitement to work together to find the best solutions for customers.


Building Trust

Customers put a lot of faith in A.H. Harris to recommend products and present them with innovative solutions. That trust exists because A.H. Harris is truly invested in all of its business relationships.

Alan Gould, A.H. Harris account manager in Maine, said he believes in becoming a business partner with customers and manufacturers. And Eric Leone, owner of Leone Concrete Corp. in Newport, Maine, definitely agrees that Alan and A.H. Harris are partners, as well as problem solvers.

“The big thing with A.H. Harris is that so much of what we do in cast-in-place and concrete formwork is specialty work,” Eric said. “We have unique form issues and design challenges. When you’re coming up with solutions, you have to have a good relationship with your supplier. A.H. Harris is a great resource to bounce ideas off of or to supplement what we have going.”

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Become a Nox-Crete Pro!

Nox-Crete knows the best work starts with the best stuff. And so do you.

  • You know how to take the project to the next level and separate yourself from the competition.
  • You know it requires perfection from the ground up.
  • You build your reputation on great work and you insist on great products to make it happen.

That's why you choose Nox-Crete Products.

  • You know the difference between a Nox-Crete Release Agent and those other guys.
  • You don't settle for someone else's bond breaker.
  • You pretreat your forms with Seasonox  or Pre-Form
  • You clean your equipment with Blast-Off, Kem-Ex-It Plus and Bio-Clean Concentrate because anything else would be mistreating your tools.

It's time for your reward!

Every opportunity you get, you work with Nox-Crete Products and that's why we want to reward you and make your crew Nox-Crete Pros.

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