A clear sealer which turns frosty white in color has delaminated from the concrete surface. This is most likely due to the coating's inability to release water vapor trapped within the concrete quickly enough to prevent pressure buildup beneath the coating. To prevent this problem, use a clear acrylic sealer offering improved water vapor permeability. We recommend Sparkl-Seal or water based Sparkl-Seal E in exterior coating applications that are subject to high moisture content.

To remove the existing delaminated or white decorative sealer, use Nox-Crete's Deco-Strip. Deco-Strip is sprayed or rolled onto stamped or textured concrete where it quickly softens and lifts worn out acrylic sealers. The acrylic sealer is then easily removed with a pressure washer or garden hose equipped with a spray nozzle, restoring concrete back to its original unsealed condition. Deco-Strip's fast acting formula quickly softens most decorative sealers and coatings in 40 minutes or less and can be disposed through municipal water.