Select Joint Tape – 2024 Experts’ Choice Innovative Product Awards Winner by World of Concrete!

Nox-Crete's Select Joint Tape has been recognized as a 2024 Experts' Choice Innovative Product Awards Winner by World of Concrete, a testament to the company's commitment to innovation in the concrete construction industry. This accolade highlights the product's sustainable innovation, which improves existing processes and offers contractors and producers enhanced productivity, safety, and engineering efficiency. As a leader in Concrete Release Agents, Tilt-Up Cure & Bondbreakers, Concrete Chemicals, and Tilt-Up Accessories, Nox-Crete's Select Joint Tape is a result of the company's dedication to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The Innovative Product Awards, powered by World of Concrete, is an annual recognition program celebrating advancements in concrete equipment, materials, services, and tools across eight categories. The winners, including Nox-Crete's Select Joint Tape, were chosen by a panel of industry experts and World of Concrete editors for their ability to set new industry standards and enhance performance and competence in the field.

Nox-Crete has a rich history of developing high-quality chemical solutions that enhance the durability, aesthetics, and performance of concrete structures. The company serves a diverse range of professionals in Tilt-Up, Forming, Decorative Concrete, Precast, and Concrete Flooring, offering tailored solutions to ensure the best outcomes for specific projects.

As a leading innovator in the concrete construction industry, Nox-Crete is dedicated to advancing the industry through quality and innovation, helping contractors achieve superior results on every project.

View the PDF for our IPA Awards Press Release.

Select Joint Tape has excellent adherence to properly prepared green concrete and leaves no residue on the casting slab when removed. Select Joint Tape may be applied before or after applying Nox-Crete’s Silcoseal water-based bondbreakers.

Key Advantages Compared to Traditional Methods:
• Forms a tight seal to prevent concrete, dust
and debris from entering a saw-cut joint
• Compatible with Silcoseal Select and 2000F Bondbreakers
• Leaves no adhesive residue on the casting slab
• UV Resistant for up to 28 days
• Serrated edges
• Waterproof

Select Joint Tape is sold by the case with 24 rolls/case. If you’re interested in Select Joint Tape, Click HERE for more information.

Brilliant Beauty Meets Environmental Responsibility:

Transform Your Concrete with Sparkl-Seal E, Our High-Gloss, Low VOC Water-Based Decorative Sealer for Stunning Interior and Exterior Decorative Concrete Surfaces.

In states with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations, the demand for environmentally responsible solutions has grown significantly. This shift towards eco-friendly practices has given rise to a specific need for water-based, high-gloss decorative acrylic concrete sealers. These sealers offer a unique combination of aesthetic enhancement and compliance with stringent VOC limits, making them the go-to choice for those seeking to elevate the appearance of their decorative concrete surfaces while prioritizing the health of applicators, occupants and the environment.

One of the primary advantages of water-based, high-gloss decorative acrylic concrete sealers lies in their ability to create a captivating wet-look finish. This wet-look effect adds a sense of depth and dimension to the concrete surface, enhancing its color, visual appeal and providing a luxurious shine that mimics the traditional solvent-based acrylic sealer appearance while being eco-friendly.  Whether it's a commercial space looking to make a lasting impression on customers or a residential property aiming to revitalize living areas with concrete floors, the beauty of a water-based concrete sealer is that it can also be used in interior spaces. The wet-look finish achieved with these sealers brings an undeniable charm that transforms ordinary concrete into a stunning focal point.

NOX-CRETE's Sparkl-Seal E stands as a testament to the capabilities of water-based, high-gloss decorative acrylic concrete sealers. This innovative product not only meets the strict VOC regulations in low VOC states but also delivers exceptional gloss and sheen to decorative concrete surfaces, it is not flammable, does not contain a cancer warning and doesn’t include a hazmat fee in shipping. By utilizing advanced acrylic technology, Sparkl-Seal E offers a better working time than traditional solvent-based sealers and results in long-lasting protection against the elements while intensifying the surface's natural colors, making it an ideal solution for those seeking to accentuate the beauty of their concrete while adhering to environmentally conscious practices. The union of environmental responsibility, aesthetic enhancement, and superior performance makes water-based, high-gloss decorative acrylic concrete sealers like Sparkl-Seal E an essential component of modern construction and design in VOC-restricted states.