Nox-Crete has brought Tom Bozzano on board as the Tilt-Up Segment Manager. Tom has over 25 years working in concrete construction as a Tilt-Up concrete Project Manager and Estimator. He has effectively negotiated with general contractors. Tom has managed construction teams to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. He is ACI Tilt-Up and Bluebeam certified.

“It’s great to bring this much hands-on field experience into the Nox-Crete team. Tom brings a practical perspective to our technical service model,” said Michael Linn, President of Nox-Crete. “Tom knows what he’s talking about. He has already given valuable insight to our Research and Development team on a new accessory line for Tilt-Up concrete construction.”

Nox-Crete Listens to Concrete Contractors for New Product Ideas

Gluing down the Clean Line Reveal

Gluing down the Clean Line Reveal

Recently, Nox-Crete has brought to market cost-saving Tilt-Up accessories that improve results. Clean Line Reveal extruded PVC rustication strips leave incredible tilt wall panel detail with limited patching requirements at a low applied cost. Nox-Crete is also launching a new precision engineered laminated veneer lumber edge form called Pac Form. Preliminary testing shows that Tilt-Up contractors can expect to get up to 20 repours with this material without warping.


Clean Line Reveal for Tilt-Up concrete construction

Clean Line Reveal results on unfinished wall

Tom will be responsible for bringing these new accessories to market, along with supporting the sales of the Silcoseal family of Tilt-Up concrete cures and bondbreakers.Contractors prefer Silcoseal because they get nice, clean Tilt-Up concrete panels that require very little patch or repair. Nox-Crete delivers 100% compatibility between Silcoseal bondbreaker and Nox-Crete floor hardeners to reduce risk for the project team. And Silcoseal is rain resistant, which makes it a dependable choice no matter where you are located.

He is a big baseball fan who is currently based in Las Vegas. He is excited to move his family to Omaha, Nebraska – the home of the College World Series. Tom holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Wyoming Tech.

Tom will participate in the Tilt-Up Concrete Association.